Men’s Ministry

Every other week at sunrise, the Men’s Ministry gathers with coffee in hand to pray, study, and delve into the Word of God. Our meetings revolve around a deep exploration of scripture, seeking a closer connection with our faith and our Creator. We are reminded of the profound importance of coming together to strengthen our relationship with God and to support one another in our spiritual journeys.

Women of Grace

The Women of Grace Bible study group is a close-knit community of Christian women who gather every two weeks for dedicated Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. These gatherings offer us a unique opportunity to deepen our understanding of Christianity through the teachings of the Bible. We engage in thoughtful discussions, seeking a more profound connection to the creator of heaven and earth and a better grasp of biblical wisdom. Prayer is a cornerstone of our meetings, allowing us to support one another in our Christian journey by sharing our personal challenges and joys with one another and seeking guidance from the one true God, through His word.
The fellowship aspect of our gatherings is equally vital, fostering strong bonds of friendship and support among us as we share our faith and testimonies of His grace. These biweekly gatherings are not just a source of Christian enrichment but also a testament to the enduring power of Christian community, emphasizing the significance of coming together to strengthen our Christian faith and spur one another on to kindness, wisdom and compassion and to grow in the love of the Lord.

Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry is an integral part of our church community, dedicated to celebrating the living God and Jesus Christ, our Savior, through music and sing. Each week, our musicians and singers lead us in worship, creating a sacred atmosphere of reverence and worship. This ministry not only reflects our deep faith and devotion to the message of love and redemption found in Christ’s death and resurrection but also emphasizes the justice of God, saving faith, forgiveness for sin, and the path to redemption. It fosters unity and community among us, inspiring faith and celebrating our living God and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Baptisms at Redeemer Fellowship Christian Church are a profound and sacred expression of our faith in Jesus Christ. As we immerse ourselves in the waters of baptism, we are reminded of the powerful truth found in Romans 6:4, which declares, “We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.” This verse encapsulates the transformative nature of baptism, symbolizing our identification with the death and resurrection of Jesus. Through His ultimate sacrifice, Jesus freed us from the grip of sin, sparing us from the righteous wrath of God. When we believe in Him, we transition from being slaves to sin to becoming slaves of righteousness, embracing a new life and purpose in Christ. Baptism serves as a public declaration of this profound spiritual reality, a testament to the redemptive power of our Lord and Savior.


Building Blocks for a Godly Home

The conference aims to provide attendees with valuable insights and practical guidance on establishing a strong foundation for a godly home. It’s a wonderful opportunity for families and individuals to come together, learn, and be inspired to cultivate a meaningful and spiritually enriching home environment.

About Joel James: Joel James is a distinguished speaker and author with an M.Div. and a D.Min. from The Master’s Seminary. He currently serves as the pastor-teacher of Grace Fellowship in Pretoria, South Africa. With a strong foundation in theological studies, Joel James brings insightful teachings that are both spiritually enriching and practically applicable. He has been married to his wife, Ruty, since 1993, and they are blessed with two children. Joel is also the author of notable works such as “Counsel With Confidence,” “Help! I’m Confused About Dating,” and “Help! I Can’t Handle All These Trials” from the LifeLine Mini-books series..